Final build

Gameplay video:



[DEV] Progress Week 14


  • Added ranged and hybrid enemy. Hybrid still has some issues
  • Extra check for obstacles when doing damage
  • Solved issues with enemies and player: targets not being set, damage not being applied,…

[ART] Animations and FX

For past 2 weeks i ve focused on animations for hybrid and still left to do fx.

All skinned/rigged animated manually by me.

  • Hybrid animations (in order: attack, destruction-bomb, idle, knockback, switch heads)
  • Ressurection fx
  • FX under the player


  • FX Slash for Enemy (as we want to keep players to player only)
  • and since the fire i made for light enemies cannot be used in game because of the way its coded, i ve colored it and used it on few cauldrons


  • FX Beam – as was not sure, made multiple versions



[ART] Animations! and Loading screen

The past weeks I’ve worked on another big enemy, the ranged type. He is a variant of the big charger enemy I made before.

I also did some art for the loading screen and the blog, together with that I updated the blog a bit.

And last but not least I made a 2nd playable character! I might do a cloth simulation for the scarf and robe, if there is still time later on. But for now, this should do it!

[DEV] Polish, progression and the beam

The last two weeks were spent polishing and making the game more accessible. The level manager script allows us to instantiate tutorials or activate certain abilities throughout the level. We are still designing the actual progression beyond level 1.

In terms of polish we improved some particle effects and added more information in the HUD, indicators for different types of enemies or the currently active runestone:indicatorsAndRes

Finally we are also experimenting with other graphics for our light beam, currently we are trying to work with particles that get destroyed on impact by light blocking objects:beam_particles

[ART] More animations

With the help of mixamo I was able to get the animations for our ‘seige’ enemy in there. This enemy is slow, big and goes straight for the runestone. After the animation from mixamo I had to do a little adjustment to the skinning in 3dsMax.

I also made some tutorial windows, so the player knows what to do as the game progresses.

[DEV] Extra player feedback, healing and Level Progression

We’re working on improving the player feedback with animations and effects, for instance for healing or resurrecting.

A health pickup was added to the game: It heals both players so one player can hold off the waves while the other one grabs the pickup to heal them both.healthPickup

Finally I’m working on a LevelManager script that manages tutorial windows, skill availability and possibly other level progression related stuff at the right times for each level.

[ART] Level 00 and a hybrid is born

This week i ve brought our test level back to life with 3 gates and deco changes. In the beggining we plan to use only 2 spawns, and then start 3rd one for player to go real.

  • Level 00 aka Tutorial level back
  • Hybrid enemy mesh

A mesh for hybrid was done as well, we decided to go for the floating and rotating one to speed up/skip rigging, skinning, animation process as I am not as good as Tim. The materials for now are undecided.

Oh and “prettied up” the health pick up to pop out more with our already made assets from previous particles (Tims spiral energy, mine portal gate) and Yosha made floating animation for it. Had to make gif for it 😀


[ART] Animations & Level update

Updating level 1 was first one the list, making it feel more full and interesting to look at. Added the nice gates Dominika made last week did the job pretty well! Also added some more crystals and took away some particles.

After that was done I started rigging and animating the grunt enemy, it has a move and an attack animation. The rigging wasn’t that easy as I am not a character animator + it’s not a humanoid. But I think this’ll do it.

I also started rigging our second enemy already, but that one is a little harder.