[ART] Ideas, MockUps, Particles

As we have just started with our game, we are still considering all the ideas and for now, placing placeholder meshes, testing shaders, gathering references.


I’ ve made some basic platform mesh and few rocks, tested out a shader for enemy (placeholder only ofc), added some fancy fog particles for the mood and gonna experiment with ways of adding a realistic godrays.

As we are still in the idea mixing state, i made mock ups for our game in case of
– A. Speed Run Game



-B. Puzzle/Fight Game


Because we wanna make sure to compromise with everybodies ideas, Tim is also making his vision of mockups and we will see which way to go, what to keep from who, and possibly mix them. Also, working on Pitch still.


EDIT 21.02.2017

Added my concepts of Characters


Dominika Bariaková


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