[Art] The first meshes

This week Dominika and me started making the first meshes to fill up our level(s). The story behind our game is a battle of 2 deities fighting over Light and Dark, Day and Night, Sun and moon. The victorious one will gain control over the balance of light and dark for the next 1000 years. So the game is set in a timeless, eternity like environment, where battles have been fought before. Ruins everywhere, damaged pillars, glowing crystals and a shrine to top it off. So here are a few of the first meshes!

Also during my trips to school and back I had some time to make a few more character concepts. Although this isn’t our main focus at the moment, it’s fun to keep my thought process on it going.

Edit: We now implemented the meshes in our prototype build, we still need to do a bit of level design of course, but you already get the feel of the setting.


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