[ART]Particles, particles…animations

This week (3) we decided to strengthen our core mechanics and give player the feeling of full control. For the graphic side of work we artists made particles to guide player better on whats going on in the play field. I took care of

  • Slash attack particle (supposed to guide player on impact and direction of the attack)
  • Bleeding particle (in case player doesnt watch hp bar but rather playground)

Slash particles are projected onto a mesh and are made out of 2 pieces, 1 additive one multiply and rotation tweaks, once the red/whiteblue attacks starts a darker/lighter version of it appears with slight delay

Bleeding particles are fat drops with gravity parenting a randomly appearing blood stains on a flat invisible plane, again custom graphics

Then the fog has been given a custom animation set 3×3 made by me to have a more natural feeling, it starts of slow, and keeps on moving during game, here is speeded up process to prove it does animate


Then the thing for later, but we already tried to see how to work with mixamo for now, the player is not the main issue at the moment and we will add proper character later, for now capsules are best suit. P.s: also shader for crystals added





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