[ART] Meshes + Art doc

One of the main things that needs to be set first now that our prototype is working, is that we all have absolute clean vision of our graphics. I have done 1.3.4 Style, 1.3.5 Texture/Shading, 1.3.6 Lighting Art Document.


Versions of bridges x3


  • 1 – Typical long Bridge, nicely sorted wood planks
  • 2 – Broken bridge, messed up wood planks
  • 3 – Broken Bridge, but still passable (floating magic rocks)

Magical prop ver x2


  • More bulky, squareish rock with chains
  • Slimmer (silhuette more interesting) version

This prop is gonna be adjusted with Tims plane + stairs and we will make it interactive object in game.


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