[DEV] Progress Week 14


  • Added ranged and hybrid enemy. Hybrid still has some issues
  • Extra check for obstacles when doing damage
  • Solved issues with enemies and player: targets not being set, damage not being applied,…

[DEV] Progress Week 12

  • Animation script for Enemies
  • Fixed some issues with player animation not looping
  • Fixed sensitivity issues
  • Aim controls


[DEV] Progress Week 10

  • Fixed some issues with the victory screen not triggering and waves spawning wrong
  • Added some changeable timers for the start of a wave
  • Hybrid type enemies that change their ‘current’ type on hit
  • Changed the ‘jab’ attack to a hitbox


[DEV] Progress Week 9

  • Enemy behaviors have been split to make a wider variety of enemies by combining different scripts
    • Attacker: goes to the runestone, changing targets when seeing the players
    • Siege: goes only to the runestone
  • Rune manager and Rune stones


[DEV] Progress Week 7

Discussed how to proceed during the holidays.

  • ¬†Enemies will make use of multiple general scripts that will make up an enemy’s behavior when combined.

No advance yet.

[DEV] Progress Week 6


  • All enemies for one wave can be inserted into one single .txt document. Spawns can also be assigned an index to make the spawn a certain wave
  • Fixed the issue of not resetting on winning/losing
  • Added grunt prefab and fixed issue of player being pushed up by enemies.
  • Replaced the old character link by the current managers: HUD, player, enemy and the top hierachy script: Emperor
  • Added alternate enemy behavior for going to one point on the map
  • Energy system
  • Fixing issues with the navmesh
  • Halo’s giving some feedback on damage for enemies

[DEV] Progress Week 5


  • Added enemies: only opposite type can be damaged by player, while enemies can damage players independent from type. Players can still knock back both types.
  • Enemy spawning: One by one from a list of enemies
  • Introduced navigation meshes to the levels
  • Fixed damage issues for enemies and players: triggered multiple times within one action
  • Enemies have a seek/wander behavior. Is defined in a base script which can be passed on to every future enemy script.

[DEV] Progress Week 4

  • Controls are switchable during the run, using M. Only on keyboard to avoid accidental pressing on the controller
  • Aiming with right joystick/mouse position. Only when charging beam
  • Worked on tech document with Yosha

[DEV] Progress Week 3


  • Switching controls between controllers and keyboard
  • Slower rotation and movement while charging a beam
  • Beam’s range and time before destroy scales with the charged time
  • Restart and pause
  • Merged the character behaviors, together with Yosha
  • Pickup that adds an extra charge
  • Lots of tweaks to character for damage calculations and movement
  • Rotation behaves off, tried applying a new way for calculating movement, but no change