[ART] Animations and FX

For past 2 weeks i ve focused on animations for hybrid and still left to do fx.

All skinned/rigged animated manually by me.

  • Hybrid animations (in order: attack, destruction-bomb, idle, knockback, switch heads)
  • Ressurection fx
  • FX under the player


  • FX Slash for Enemy (as we want to keep players to player only)
  • and since the fire i made for light enemies cannot be used in game because of the way its coded, i ve colored it and used it on few cauldrons


  • FX Beam – as was not sure, made multiple versions




[ART] Level 00 and a hybrid is born

This week i ve brought our test level back to life with 3 gates and deco changes. In the beggining we plan to use only 2 spawns, and then start 3rd one for player to go real.

  • Level 00 aka Tutorial level back
  • Hybrid enemy mesh

A mesh for hybrid was done as well, we decided to go for the floating and rotating one to speed up/skip rigging, skinning, animation process as I am not as good as Tim. The materials for now are undecided.

Oh and “prettied up” the health pick up to pop out more with our already made assets from previous particles (Tims spiral energy, mine portal gate) and Yosha made floating animation for it. Had to make gif for it 😀


[ART] Week11 Level2+Design enemy

This week i have been working on making Level2 fully workable and more ideal for mechanics implementation. So i made a new platform mesh (based on my old one) and discussed with team what will they like more.

  • Level 2 playable


  • Hybrid Enemy concepts on how it could work


As its hybrid we liked idea of either having crystals or multiple heads as switcher for the powers.



[ART] Week10 Unwraps, textures, particles

This week I ve done unwrap for character and textures for both

  • Dark Player
  • Light Player


and their diffuse maps + emission maps, as the game is quite dark i had to take different aproach on light player with textures to make sure his white pop outs. Also as you see them often from top i made hair and tatoos pop out as you dont see other parts as much.



I ve also worked on

  • fire/firefly like particle to fit white enemy (instead of my black fog which didnt fit)
  • Portal/Universe like gate particle

The fire has kind of cartoony feeling which i  really like and the gate is rotating around y axis, it is not visible in the gif but after taking look at the map you will understand.



[ART] A post-process changes

This week we set our goals for the holidays so everybody is clear on what to do, i have played a little with post processing in my level and our team liked it so we decided to keep it for now and add to other levels as well. I ve also set some lights behind our objects (rimlights) as the camera is always from top so that the objects stand/pop-out!



[ART] Characters, textures, level2

Level 2 Layout


This week I have worked on level 2, added more barries, higher height difference, to have more obstacles and make use of beam little bit difficult (as its level2 ofc). Then i took care of:

Texture and slight tweak of UV of ShrineUV and texture of Rune health pickup

  • UV and texture of Rune health pickup
  • Texture and slight tweak of UV of Shrine

And then i have made a model for our characters.


[ART]Level2 and Art document

This week my and Tim’s main focus was to get our Art document finished completely and set up our levels for more co-op designs.

For Art document i worked this week on particles, and assets lists.

For Game itself. Tim did more centered level, that could be nice base for start and i did one that could hold nice potential as a level2.



We decided that either way we want to make our levels a slightly bigger than were our previous versions. (Setup of level in unity, camera ofc stays same like always, this is just for showoff)

For the mesh part it was not urgent but for my own version of level i added a new platform, thats less flat because i would like it better.


Dominika Bariaková


[ART] Meshes + Art doc

One of the main things that needs to be set first now that our prototype is working, is that we all have absolute clean vision of our graphics. I have done 1.3.4 Style, 1.3.5 Texture/Shading, 1.3.6 Lighting Art Document.


Versions of bridges x3


  • 1 – Typical long Bridge, nicely sorted wood planks
  • 2 – Broken bridge, messed up wood planks
  • 3 – Broken Bridge, but still passable (floating magic rocks)

Magical prop ver x2


  • More bulky, squareish rock with chains
  • Slimmer (silhuette more interesting) version

This prop is gonna be adjusted with Tims plane + stairs and we will make it interactive object in game.

[ART]Particles, particles…animations

This week (3) we decided to strengthen our core mechanics and give player the feeling of full control. For the graphic side of work we artists made particles to guide player better on whats going on in the play field. I took care of

  • Slash attack particle (supposed to guide player on impact and direction of the attack)
  • Bleeding particle (in case player doesnt watch hp bar but rather playground)

Slash particles are projected onto a mesh and are made out of 2 pieces, 1 additive one multiply and rotation tweaks, once the red/whiteblue attacks starts a darker/lighter version of it appears with slight delay

Bleeding particles are fat drops with gravity parenting a randomly appearing blood stains on a flat invisible plane, again custom graphics

Then the fog has been given a custom animation set 3×3 made by me to have a more natural feeling, it starts of slow, and keeps on moving during game, here is speeded up process to prove it does animate


Then the thing for later, but we already tried to see how to work with mixamo for now, the player is not the main issue at the moment and we will add proper character later, for now capsules are best suit. P.s: also shader for crystals added