[ART] Animations! and Loading screen

The past weeks I’ve worked on another big enemy, the ranged type. He is a variant of the big charger enemy I made before.

I also did some art for the loading screen and the blog, together with that I updated the blog a bit.

And last but not least I made a 2nd playable character! I might do a cloth simulation for the scarf and robe, if there is still time later on. But for now, this should do it!

[ART] More animations

With the help of mixamo I was able to get the animations for our ‘seige’ enemy in there. This enemy is slow, big and goes straight for the runestone. After the animation from mixamo I had to do a little adjustment to the skinning in 3dsMax.

I also made some tutorial windows, so the player knows what to do as the game progresses.

[ART] Animations & Level update

Updating level 1 was first one the list, making it feel more full and interesting to look at. Added the nice gates Dominika made last week did the job pretty well! Also added some more crystals and took away some particles.

After that was done I started rigging and animating the grunt enemy, it has a move and an attack animation. The rigging wasn’t that easy as I am not a character animator + it’s not a humanoid. But I think this’ll do it.

I also started rigging our second enemy already, but that one is a little harder.

UI, character and level 1

During the last week I added some UI concerning the control page, making them fit our theme a bit.

Furthermore, I tweaked the grass a bit and took the particles off. The webGL build was lagging a bit, so we’re checking if it might be because of the amount of particles. I also edited the 2nd character a bit, made some parts double sided and trying to get it ready to add texture and animations.

[ART] Level 1 filled up!

This week I focused on making the first level feel full and ready to play. So I used the meshes and prefabs we already made so far. But I felt that we were missing another small element that brought some life to the scene. So I thought that some small patches of grass could be nice, furthermore I made a shader that moves the vertexes around so that it feels like the grass is blowing in the wind.

Other than that I made our 2nd playable character and 2nd enemy (charger). At this moment they’re just having default shaders on them, but they will be somehow textured in the future.

[ART] New Level design

This week has been a little more laid back as Easter break started. Nonetheless have I worked a bit on a new level design, also have I been gathering some reference for more enemies. We’ve decided on having 2 different types and  2 different attack patterns for the enemies, so 4 in total. This is not taking the special ones into account. So we’ll have the grunt enemy that looks for the player and attacks him or if it’s close to the objective it attacks that. And then there is the ‘charger’, which goes straight to the objective point. The charger is a slower tank type of enemy. Each type will have a melee and a range version.

This is how the new level block out looks so far, based on a sketch from Yosha.

I’m not sure yet if I’m going to keep the back cut outs or replace them with some mesh in the height, like some big rocks or something.

[ART] Reference object

This week I mainly worked on the reference object. I also managed to make the first enemy mesh. It has no animations yet, but those will come in time. The reference object is a big magical rune, which can be used as a point you have to defend from the enemies.

(Dominika made the base mesh, I tweaked it, textured it and added the effects.)
Sketchfab link

These are the basic grunts, with a basic shader. we will texture them a little later on too.


[ART] More Artguide & Level design

This week the main focus was wrapping up the art guide. This took some time of course, I mainly worked on the colours, shapes, composition, proportions, HUD and UI. Here’s a snippet of the UI:

Next to the guide I also did work some more on a first level design, keeping it simple and interesting was/is the key here.


[ART]Art guide and unwraps

This week other courses demanded a lot of attention, none the less here’s what we’ve been doing the past week for this project.
First of all we want to steer our project in a bit of a new direction, switch from PvP to a PvE coop game is now the goal we’re going for. That said, I unwrapped a few models + made a new scene where I’ll be trying out some level designs. Unwrapping is always time consuming and a bit of a hassle for me, so to counterweight this I also made some new models to go with Dominika’s models.  Also made a platform so we can play with height differences in our game.

I also made a prefab for a fire cauldron, it looks like this for now, but it still needs some tweaking.


We (Dominika and I) also started our art guide document this week. It still needs a lot of work, but we’re getting there. It’s not a task I enjoy that much, but I understand the importance of it.

[Art] Particles and walls

This week we had to focus mainly on making the prototype more interesting to play, so the Dev department had to get a lot of things done and refined. But that didn’t mean we had nothing to do! Part of our feedback was that the game didn’t had enough player control and response. So Dominika and me added effects to make the player feel more involved and in control. I added a particle trail behind the players so you can always follow them, even when there invisible. The hard part here was to make it so that you would still be able to follow the players but make them still hard to see when they go invisible.

Then I also implemented a particle system for the dash to make it feel a bit more powerful! (also to the dark player)


Further more we needed something to indicate when the player is charging the beam, so I made this effect, it’s not complete yet, but this is a prototype after all.


Of course a similar effect for it’s light counter part.

And last but not least I made 4 different wall models, to block of some of the surrounding, so the player won’t fall of the map that easily.