[DEV] Progress Week 14


  • Added ranged and hybrid enemy. Hybrid still has some issues
  • Extra check for obstacles when doing damage
  • Solved issues with enemies and player: targets not being set, damage not being applied,…

[DEV] Polish, progression and the beam

The last two weeks were spent polishing and making the game more accessible. The level manager script allows us to instantiate tutorials or activate certain abilities throughout the level. We are still designing the actual progression beyond level 1.

In terms of polish we improved some particle effects and added more information in the HUD, indicators for different types of enemies or the currently active runestone:indicatorsAndRes

Finally we are also experimenting with other graphics for our light beam, currently we are trying to work with particles that get destroyed on impact by light blocking objects:beam_particles

[DEV] Extra player feedback, healing and Level Progression

We’re working on improving the player feedback with animations and effects, for instance for healing or resurrecting.

A health pickup was added to the game: It heals both players so one player can hold off the waves while the other one grabs the pickup to heal them both.healthPickup

Finally I’m working on a LevelManager script that manages tutorial windows, skill availability and possibly other level progression related stuff at the right times for each level.

[DEV] Refining UI and working on progression

This week I worked on refining the UI with Tim. The controls can be found in the pause menu and the deathscreen/victoryscreen now display some stats to show you how well you did. The Runestone health is now displayed at the bottom of the HUD.DeathScreen

Other than that we’re looking into progression in terms of enemies, skills and environment. We plan on introducing the player to the basic enemy type and how they interact with the player types with only the sword attack to begin with. Then gradually introduce new abilities and enemies with fitting level design.

[DEV] Progress Week 10

  • Fixed some issues with the victory screen not triggering and waves spawning wrong
  • Added some changeable timers for the start of a wave
  • Hybrid type enemies that change their ‘current’ type on hit
  • Changed the ‘jab’ attack to a hitbox


[DEV]Menu’s and Camera

During the holiday I changed the camera constraints to be more suited to coop on larger maps (as opposed to the versus mode on a smaller map earlier). The actual implementation still needs some work once we’re happy with the level design.

Other than that I worked with Tim on designing and implementing the main menu and some other UI stuff like death and victory screens.MainMenuDesign

[DEV] Progress Week 9

  • Enemy behaviors have been split to make a wider variety of enemies by combining different scripts
    • Attacker: goes to the runestone, changing targets when seeing the players
    • Siege: goes only to the runestone
  • Rune manager and Rune stones


[DEV] Implementing the HUD


This week I implemented HUD functionality within the updated framework. It contains health bars, energy bars, an enemy counter and a victory- and deathscreen.

If either player dies the game is lost, the light beam ability now uses energy in stead of charges. The energy depletes and replenishes quite fast. To win the game all enemies in the level must be killed.

Other than that I’ve made some minor changes to the Camera, the Lightbeam and added some more player feedback in the interaction with enemies.