Final build

Gameplay video:



[DEV] Enemy indicators & silhoutte shader

This week I created indicators to show the players where enemies are coming from outside the screen and which type they are so they can react accordingly.


I added a silhoutte shader to show players and enemies behind obstacles.
We did a slight redesign on the sword attack, it is now spammable with a small hitbox but it can be charged for hitting a larger area with a stronger knockback, this should make the sword attack better at knocking back enemies that you can’t kill.



Finally I implemented a resurrect mechanic that will respawn you next to the living player with a short invulnerability. The camera adapts to the amount of living players. Resurrecting costs rune health, we should add an animation to make this more clear.

[DEV] Progress Week 7

Discussed how to proceed during the holidays.

  • ¬†Enemies will make use of multiple general scripts that will make up an enemy’s behavior when combined.

No advance yet.

[Art] Particles and walls

This week we had to focus mainly on making the prototype more interesting to play, so the Dev department had to get a lot of things done and refined. But that didn’t mean we had nothing to do! Part of our feedback was that the game didn’t had enough player control and response. So Dominika and me added effects to make the player feel more involved and in control. I added a particle trail behind the players so you can always follow them, even when there invisible. The hard part here was to make it so that you would still be able to follow the players but make them still hard to see when they go invisible.

Then I also implemented a particle system for the dash to make it feel a bit more powerful! (also to the dark player)


Further more we needed something to indicate when the player is charging the beam, so I made this effect, it’s not complete yet, but this is a prototype after all.


Of course a similar effect for it’s light counter part.

And last but not least I made 4 different wall models, to block of some of the surrounding, so the player won’t fall of the map that easily.

[DEV] Refining Core Abilities

This week we refined our core abilities and added more player feedback. The sword attack now has a small dash and a better animation. We wanted to start adding interaction between core abilities, attacking from within your own beam will now result in a longer dash and a larger area of effect. Sword attacks now cause a stagger and short visibility on the opponent.