[ART] Week11 Level2+Design enemy

This week i have been working on making Level2 fully workable and more ideal for mechanics implementation. So i made a new platform mesh (based on my old one) and discussed with team what will they like more.

  • Level 2 playable


  • Hybrid Enemy concepts on how it could work


As its hybrid we liked idea of either having crystals or multiple heads as switcher for the powers.




[DEV] Enemy indicators & silhoutte shader

This week I created indicators to show the players where enemies are coming from outside the screen and which type they are so they can react accordingly.


I added a silhoutte shader to show players and enemies behind obstacles.
We did a slight redesign on the sword attack, it is now spammable with a small hitbox but it can be charged for hitting a larger area with a stronger knockback, this should make the sword attack better at knocking back enemies that you can’t kill.



Finally I implemented a resurrect mechanic that will respawn you next to the living player with a short invulnerability. The camera adapts to the amount of living players. Resurrecting costs rune health, we should add an animation to make this more clear.

[DEV] Refining UI and working on progression

This week I worked on refining the UI with Tim. The controls can be found in the pause menu and the deathscreen/victoryscreen now display some stats to show you how well you did. The Runestone health is now displayed at the bottom of the HUD.DeathScreen

Other than that we’re looking into progression in terms of enemies, skills and environment. We plan on introducing the player to the basic enemy type and how they interact with the player types with only the sword attack to begin with. Then gradually introduce new abilities and enemies with fitting level design.

UI, character and level 1

During the last week I added some UI concerning the control page, making them fit our theme a bit.

Furthermore, I tweaked the grass a bit and took the particles off. The webGL build was lagging a bit, so we’re checking if it might be because of the amount of particles. I also edited the 2nd character a bit, made some parts double sided and trying to get it ready to add texture and animations.

[ART] Week10 Unwraps, textures, particles

This week I ve done unwrap for character and textures for both

  • Dark Player
  • Light Player


and their diffuse maps + emission maps, as the game is quite dark i had to take different aproach on light player with textures to make sure his white pop outs. Also as you see them often from top i made hair and tatoos pop out as you dont see other parts as much.



I ve also worked on

  • fire/firefly like particle to fit white enemy (instead of my black fog which didnt fit)
  • Portal/Universe like gate particle

The fire has kind of cartoony feeling which i  really like and the gate is rotating around y axis, it is not visible in the gif but after taking look at the map you will understand.



[DEV] Progress Week 10

  • Fixed some issues with the victory screen not triggering and waves spawning wrong
  • Added some changeable timers for the start of a wave
  • Hybrid type enemies that change their ‘current’ type on hit
  • Changed the ‘jab’ attack to a hitbox


[DEV]Menu’s and Camera

During the holiday I changed the camera constraints to be more suited to coop on larger maps (as opposed to the versus mode on a smaller map earlier). The actual implementation still needs some work once we’re happy with the level design.

Other than that I worked with Tim on designing and implementing the main menu and some other UI stuff like death and victory screens.MainMenuDesign

[DEV] Progress Week 9

  • Enemy behaviors have been split to make a wider variety of enemies by combining different scripts
    • Attacker: goes to the runestone, changing targets when seeing the players
    • Siege: goes only to the runestone
  • Rune manager and Rune stones