[DEV] Base for test-driven development

This week we finished prototyping the core gameplay and created a basic arena to establish the atmosphere and do further playtesting. The next step is to make good design decisions built around the established mechanics.


I created the lightbeam prefab and added some camera and UI functionality. I already wanted to work a bit on the game feel by adding stuff like screenshake and changing the background color depending on which player is winning. The players now have a shared health bar which also affects the background color; this results in a convincing light vs dark battle. The big issue with that is that hitting the opponent is very snowbally and the game can’t really be close because you will have very high health if the opponent is low on health. To address that we are considering buffing darkness in a light situation and vice versa (more contrast = more damage, or something similar).


[ART]Also meshes and concepts

Like Tim previously said, we’ ve made our ideas more defined, we are all on the same page now. We have split some of the must have meshes between us and here are mine. Also i ve done some more concepts for characters as we tried to blend mine and Tims ideas, at this moment its not priority tho.


My final concepts for character.


Dominika Bariaková

[DEV] Progress week2

  • Xbox Controller control, only controls the Dark player for now
  • U can shoot the light beams
  • Players are visible in fog when taking any action besides walking
  • Tweaked values for controls
  • Shared health

[Art] The first meshes

This week Dominika and me started making the first meshes to fill up our level(s). The story behind our game is a battle of 2 deities fighting over Light and Dark, Day and Night, Sun and moon. The victorious one will gain control over the balance of light and dark for the next 1000 years. So the game is set in a timeless, eternity like environment, where battles have been fought before. Ruins everywhere, damaged pillars, glowing crystals and a shrine to top it off. So here are a few of the first meshes!

Also during my trips to school and back I had some time to make a few more character concepts. Although this isn’t our main focus at the moment, it’s fun to keep my thought process on it going.

Edit: We now implemented the meshes in our prototype build, we still need to do a bit of level design of course, but you already get the feel of the setting.

[Dev]Core mechanics and controls

This week I created dark and light zones which render their respective champions invisible. The idea is that the dark champion will be invisible in the shadow area’s and the light champion in the lit area’s. While using abilities players will most likely be visible anywhere and we also need to think about adding incentive to go to the other players zone or leave your own safdarklightarease zone.

I also added basic controller support so we can already do some test driven development.

[Art] Starting the art process

To start off we decided that each artist (Dominika and me) would gather some reference concerning the colours and style what we want to go for. Also do a first mock up and some character concept sketches. During our next meeting we will each present and explain our choices. So we can come to a mutual decision and head in the same direction.
So here is my reference, mock-up and first character concepts.

[ART] Ideas, MockUps, Particles

As we have just started with our game, we are still considering all the ideas and for now, placing placeholder meshes, testing shaders, gathering references.


I’ ve made some basic platform mesh and few rocks, tested out a shader for enemy (placeholder only ofc), added some fancy fog particles for the mood and gonna experiment with ways of adding a realistic godrays.

As we are still in the idea mixing state, i made mock ups for our game in case of
– A. Speed Run Game



-B. Puzzle/Fight Game


Because we wanna make sure to compromise with everybodies ideas, Tim is also making his vision of mockups and we will see which way to go, what to keep from who, and possibly mix them. Also, working on Pitch still.


EDIT 21.02.2017

Added my concepts of Characters


Dominika Bariaková